Bible Study Curriculum Available

“The New Man/Woman Bible Study”

Also known as “Faith to Change”

A friend and I have authored a non-denominational Bible-based curriculum of 26 weekly lessons.   The New Man can be used one-on-one, for a community Bible study, or in an institutional setting.

It’s geared toward high school level or older to promote individual spiritual growth, and is appropriate for individuals who may not be very familiar with the Bible.

Anyone who wants to know how the Bible can be applied to our daily lives can discover this in this non-denominational curriculum. The full curriculum is currently available.

This curriculum was originally developed for use in Texas prisons, in a setting where prisoners are about to be released.  It has been found that if prisoners take classes that address their life outside prison, or if they are involved in Sunday School or Church activities on a regular basis they are less likely to return to prison.  This curriculum was a response to that need, and is now in use, in both Texas and Ohio institutional settings.

Some preview lessons will be posted soon.

Contact me to explore using this in your community or church.