trifloxystrobin trade name

The strobilurin, or QoI fungicides (FRAC group 11) are extremely useful in controlling a broad spectrum of common vegetable pathogens. ... Fungicides such as kresoxim methyl and trifloxystrobin--which are not true systemics but which redistribute by these other mechanisms--have been referred to as "mesostemics", "quasi-systemics", or "surface systemics". TRADE NAMES / PROPRIETARY NAME Trifloxystrobin: 1. (Trade Name) MITOSIS DISRUPTERS 1 MBC (methyl benzimidazole carbamates) B1: ß-tubuline assembly in mitosis ... trifloxystrobin 11 EVITO T tebuconazole 3 fluoxastrobin 11 FORTIX flutriafol 3 fluoxastrobin 11 HEADLINE AMP pyraclostrobin 11 metconazole 3 LUCENTO flutriafol 3 bixafen 7 MIRAVIS NEO In terms of practical significance, systemic movement (when it occurs) and … COST: $286.00 per L or kg. China Fungicide Pesticide Trifloxystrobin 15% + Hexaconazole 30% Wg/Wdg, Find details about China Tricyclazole, Thiophanate-Methyl from Fungicide Pesticide Trifloxystrobin 15% + Hexaconazole 30% Wg/Wdg - Sino … Trifloxystrobin Technical (Bayer CropScience) 6. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Trifloxystrobin 500g/L. Trade names, examples. Additionally, products with the same active ingredient may have different trade names depending on where the herbicide is intended to be used. GEM (Bayer CropScience) 3. … 5. TRIFLOXYSTROBIN + TEBUCONAZOLE WG 75 1/8 Version 3 / EU Revision Date: 15.12.2011 102000011273 Print Date: 09.02.2012 1. Does not include biological products. Common Name Trade Name Examples. You may know some of older strobilurins as azoxystrobin (Quadris), trifloxystrobin (Flint), pyraclostrobin (Cabrio), or Pristine (pyraclostrobin + boscalid, 11 + 7). Trade Names for Common Turf Fungicides . 1_Trade_Name: Manufacturer: Form: FLINT 500 WG FUNGICIDE: BAYER CROPSCIENCE PTY LTD: WATER DISPERSIBLE GRANULE: Surefire Invictus 500 WG Fungicide: PCT HOLDINGS PTY LTD: WATER DISPERSIBLE GRANULE: 4. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product information Trade name TRIFLOXYSTROBIN + TEBUCONAZOLE WG 75 Product code (UVP) 06418015 Usage Fungicide Company Bayer CropScience … Compass RELEATED COMPOUNDS (AI'S) Methoxyiminoacetate Strobilurin Fungicides: kresoxim-methyl trifloxystrobin CAS NAME trade name (i.e., the name that appears on the actual product container) because trade names can change over time. … ... Tartan Triadimefon + trifloxystrobin + stress guard SI + Strobilurin AP + AP Y Stratego 7. Trifloxystrobin (Bayer). 1. ... Mo. products, trade or brand names is for information only, and no endorsement or approval is intended. Gem RC (Bayer CropScience) 4. ... Tryfloxystrobin will be marketed by Bayer in the United States under the trade names COMPASS® for … Flint® fungicide aquired by Bayer. Listed below are common and trade names of select fungicides currently registered in the United States representing the major fungicide groups and chemistry within these groups (chemical group), plus the mobility, activity, and risk of resistance developing to these fungicides. Please use all plant protection materials according to manufacturers’ label. — Bayer Corporation announces the Federal Trade Commission has approved the acquisition of the strobilurin fungicide FLINT® from Novartis Corporation. azoxystrobin Heritage, Heritage TL, Heritage G ... trifloxystrobin Compass trifloxystrobin + triadimefon Tartan 2.4SC, Armada 50WP triticonazole Trinity, Triton Flo, Triton 70WDG vinclozolin Curalan Lastly, different companies may sell the same active ingredi-ent under different trade … 6. Gem 500 SC (Bayer CropScience) 5. Group Name (Abbreviation) 1. Group Code. Flint (Bayer CropScience) 2.

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